I won’t lie, I miss you.

You & my poetry were the only things that I’d commit to.

I stayed loyal, for the record, back when I was with you- if only that shit was mutual.

You belonged to everyone but me. Turns out, I never had you.

I knew you wouldn’t change- And you’ll blame it on the way I view things but what girl wants a man who doesn’t plan on sharing his last name?

Really, I think the fact that we have a past just kinda ruins things. We have the same argument every time we speak.

Because how many times can you say you’re sorry before it sounds like something just to say in between screams?

To keep from crying, I’ll be smoking all night, while you’re drinking all Summer, And even though I’m angry, I’ll be praying for your soul, I hope that you recover.

I’m the reason that you’re never sober, I know it hurts to remember, go ahead & roll up another. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)